Felix Hornoiu CV

Felix Hornoiu CV

In the past 11 years built and led design operations and teams from large scale organisations to fast paced startups.

I help products meet their goal, improve usability, creating and improving new features, research, prototyping, run user testing sessions, delivering multi platform experiences from mobile apps to highly transactional products.

Critical thinker who loves complex challenges and translating technology, user needs and business requirements into end-to-end solutions, comfortable client facing sessions as long as facilitating workshops, discovery and research sessions.

Product Design

  • Design systems with scalable components (Figma, Abstract, Storybook, Zeplin)
  • Create high fidelity prototypes, fully skinned UI
  • Technical implementations, developer handoffs
  • Define the animation for mobile apps
  • UI Transitions for iOS and Android apps
  • AR experiences (placing and interact with 3D objects in AR)
  • iOS and Android design patters
  • After Effects animations and lottie json's export
  • Good understanding of development environment (frontend and backend)
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, React, Yarn, among other new frameworks
  • Leading and managing design sprints

User Experience

  • Creating Documentation and interpret it into visuals
  • Establishing user flows and heat maps over the product values
  • Customer Experience maps, discovering potential user gaps
  • Creating user journeys for MVP
  • Ethnographic research via multiple customer groups

Wireframes and Information architecture

  • Creating a low fidelity view over the product for early validation
  • Designing reusable components (Atomic Design Principles), simplify content hierarchies, site maps and navigation
  • Architecture maps giving and overview of certain feature
  • Low fidelity prototypes (with no UI or branding) for showcasing how the product works
  • Sketching ideas fast using pen and paper (or a whiteboard)

UX Workshops, Prototyping and User Testing

  • High fidelity prototypes (Framer, Principle, Marvel, Invision, Webflow, Uxpin)
  • Working up with the client a preferred route for the experience of the product
  • Discover the requirements by doing interviews/Q&A sessions with specific users
  • Remote user testing via invision, zoom, hangouts
  • Interfaces and digital experiences for web, mobile, tablet, TV and watches.
  • Set up user testing, preparing Q&A, testing environment, recording camera.
  • Guerrilla testing, preparing questions about specific areas of a site or application

Product Management

  • Work documentation, Functional spreadsheets, product details for shipment
  • Working with product managers to establish the roadmap
  • Tracking Global UI assets
  • managing UI designers, video editors, content providers, etc
  • Quality Control

Work Experience

Vision Direct

Product Designer / Design System Ops

Sept 2023 - Present

AKQA / Toyota

Product Designer / Design System Manager

Feb 2023 - May 2023

Ecomm design system upgrades and new PDP Pages

RAC / Futurice RAC.co.uk

UX/UI Designer

May 2022 - Dec 2022

In 2022 I’ve joined Futurice UK in order to help RAC optimise, structure and migrate to a unified design language of their organisation as well user testing and implementing new features.

Handshake https://joinhandshake.com

UX/UI Designer

January 2022 - May 2022

Improving and exploring ways to digitalise Virtual Career Fairs, schedule, Group and 1:1’s Video sessions for Mobile and Desktop users.

Citi Bank W12

Product Designer

April 2021 - Dec 2021

Overhaul of a large US banking client adding features like trading, asset management, crypto currency’s, climate focused investments all in a handy mobile based experience.


Product Designer

Feb 2021 - March 2021

MVP Saas product in the customer support space designed to log in with Zendesk and other CS CRM’s and create an overview of resources, detect peak times, overstaffed days and render all these in a easy to understand though data visualisation.

UX Designer at Setmore (Anywhere Works)

Jan 2021

Setmore is a tool designed to help small businesses during the COVID lockdowns by managing online bookings, schedules, payments and customer relationship.

User Experience audit of their main booking flows, new features around the schedule calendar and profile website builder

UX Designer & Researcher at Coop Funeralcare

July 2020 - Sept 2020

Together with Biglight agency we paved the steps for Coop FNC to go digital with a fully customisable funeral configurator across two main user journeys.

Lead Product Designer @ Perfect Play App (Chelsea DV)

October 2019 - June 2020

Leading the product design of a sports training app for Chelsea Digital Ventures involving various technologies like AR, Computer Vision and cognitive games in a tailored habit inducing training plan. My role is to conduct design sprints, create the experience throughout all the touchpoints of the products. Overview other visual UI designers and help create a unified design system. Handoff and maintain relationships with the dev team, review and feedback over the staging build.

User registration & COPPA compliant under 13’s flow, user onboarding, notifications, profile & settings, Feb 2020 build's functional spreadsheet, AR Kit setup, iOS and Android guidelines for computer vision activities, Subscription flow, Offline mode & Downloads.

The role involves managing relationships with multiple distributed teams and stakeholders, keeping everything together clear and transparent

UX/UI Designer Rehab Agency

September - October 2019

HSBC E-Learning Platform

Various e-learning modules for a banking client in the cyber security domain. Setting up usability testing for remote stakeholders. UX flows, wireframes, structuring content, information architecture, Conducting user research, extracting findings and documentation.

Biglight Agency

February 2019 - September 2019

Product Designer at Ordo Pay (formerly request.co)

Fintech App based on the new Open banking API for sending and receiving payments backed by Nationwide. We worked at a novel way to send, receive and pay small contractors working with householders within one single app.

We created features piggybacking on the Open Banking API like knowing when a payment was paid without constantly login to your banking app, options to delay or part pay a payment all through a limited ‘token’ like gamified system.

Product Designer at Peerpoint (Allen & Overy)

Phase 1 for a recruitment platform with features like 'Show Interest to a job brief', 'Shortlist' 'Profile builder', 'CV management', 'Document Manager', 'Invoice management' and 'Availability'.

We created an internal tool to facilitate the ongoing internal projects at Allen & Overy law firm. Each vetted contractor had options to upload all the legal documents regarding their PSC’s without the need to go back and forth on endless email threads, while projects were listed in a tailored feed over each contractor experience and expertise.

UX Designer at Signal Noise (The Economist Group)

January - February 2019

Site architecture for a data analytics web tool for this year's golf tournament

Product Designer at POSSIBLE

December 2018

Phase 2 approach for a Facebook project including wireframes, client presentations, iterations and prototyping.

Product Designer at Toaster • London

October 2018 - November 2018

Several projects for Google

  • Google for Retail Marketing Pages UX and Information Architecture
  • Google GIF Maker Redesign

Product Designer at Wizzarding World App (Huge)

January 2018 - October 2018

I've worked on a multimedia franchise client with Huge agency along London and NY teams. My work includes User Research on various audience groups, UX documentation, Wireframes, Design Systems, Interaction solution for mobile devices and Prototype testing and validation.

WONGDOODY (Brilliant Basics)

UX Designer

November 2017 - December 2017

In 2017 I've worked with Brilliant Basics for a BASF internal project with Infosys. My tasks where to define the core function of the app, userflows, create discovery workshops with the team in Mannheim, create an MVP prototype, conduct testing and prep deliverables for dev.

AKQA • London / Stockholm

UX Interaction Designer

August 2017 - November 2017

Worked on defining an MVP Stafftool for H&M Sweden. Across a really small team of 7 people, we’ve created an app available on mobile and desktop that would help their internal employees collaborate better.

I’ve run discovery workshops and defined, prototyped and validated a series of core functions like Personal Schedule, Team Schedules, Tasks, Store Guidelines, Visual Merchandise Guidelines, Dashboard and Homepage.

UX Designer at EY Seren • London

Feb 2017 - August 2017

Provided UX, UI & IxD services across a series of user journeys MVP’s for EY USA — Future Vision for Digital Insurance Innovation and personal Data Brokerage (Details are under strict NDA).

My job started working directly with Ernst & Young USA Branch, throughout discovery phase, defining the personas, gather user patterns, visual design and prototyping.

UI/ IxD: Sketch, Illustrator, After Effects

UX Prototyping: Flinto, Principle, FramerJS

Product Designer at Beamery • London

March 2015 - Sept 2016

Recruitment CRM powered by Machine Learning that makes hiring predictable with the most advanced Candidate Engagement Software.

As a lead designer, I’ve worked on several featured that defined the product like Onboarding and Data synch with Gmail and Linkedin, Campaign Section – Email Touchpoints, Campaign Builder and Email Composer, Admin Panel Redesign as long as converting the overall app into Material Design UI Kit.

Tailored experiences for retailers and consumer businesses including Facebook, Dropbox, Criteo, Github, Spotify and VMware, as well as House of Fraser, Shop Direct and Dennis Publishing.

Product Designer/UX at Eyeballit • London / New York

2014-2015 (1 year, 2 months)

At Eyeballit I've started by doing research for creating a tool that would ease up selling property in NY. We've done a multi level CRM for agency owners and iOS & Adroid consumer apps.

Partner with a couple of top tier NY Real Estate groups as Manhattan Next, Weicher Properties, Avalon Communities, UDR and New Vista Horizons.

As the main UX Designer, I had a hands on in the overall process of the startups from the Discovery Stage ( Research, User journeys, Customer Experience Maps, Interviews), Defining the MVP (Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes), Design and Development (Final Visual Design for iOS / Android apps), Measuring Results and Iterating (Analytics, lookback.io, Newrelic)

Product Designer at HomeServe Labs • London


Lead Designer at Homeserve’s throughout discovery, defining, design and development stage on two main projects:

  • Book-an-Engineer platform working with a test company from the UK.
  • Mobile and desktop on-boarding for a water detection device (Leakbot.io), a device that started to innovate the insurance industry

Interaction Designer at MiniVegas Digital Agency • Amsterdam


Worked a broad range of mobile and desktop digital projects as long as some nice interactive installations with brands like Adidas, Underarmour, IKEA, Microsoft, Smart & KLM. One notable project I’ve taken part was the Smart Dancing Traffic Light campaign that became viral on Youtube earning in a couple of weeks 12 million views (link below).

Freelance Webdesign & Digital Design


  • Coding HTML/CSS/JS php
  • Interactive Flash Experiences
  • In charge of templating for Wordpress
  • Github along other git environments


2008/2010 –– Background in and (Popular Arts School)


Phone: +44 07871 972449