Case Study
Case Study
  1. Anchor Links + Tabs

How would you generally try to find items on a tall website, a website that you haven’t encountered before?

What’s you opinion on the navigation? How clear did the bottom nav bar in terms or hierarchy?

When looking through features, how often do you find yourself prospecting versus looking for something specific?

If you find a certain feature that piques your interest, what is a good way, in your opinion, to learn more about it? (Diagrams, video, text, ext links)

  1. Lead with Search

When faced to search for a specific spec, do you consider you a visual or text inclined person?

How often are you lookng for something specific when buying a car?

What are the top 3-5 things that are important if you were to buy a car?

What would be a deal breaker (if any) when going to the specs of a car you want to buy?




How should I work with other people? I saw thete are many working on the search…

Editable overview?

Particularities of a UK market?

Differences Toyo vs Lexus?

Is there any explicit of search?

Use of icons?

Engine images content

I get confused about the dream

Programme governance

Access to confluence

Team in confluence


Sprint 6

See sprint 5

Go to ams!!!

Onboarding deck!!

Figma experience flow

The design file

Low review 17/02/23 decks

Google deck

Call 1 clock 2 Romania


Adriana onboarding PD

Francescoo user testing research

9:45 standup

Title hierarchy

End  result of the journey? Book? Buy?

No search, you search by Cmmd + S, there’s is a login when you search

Icons on each section , subtle designs

Main nav


Priority is book or buy?

Hebrew Homepage

I worked previously with Arabic, but this was the first time with a Hebrew page as long as working with Contentful. My tasks were to design the page, translating all the elements written from right to left, rather than left to right as in English. Then we use a plugin ( to hook up the copy to the new designs making sure everything was populated as intended and the Hebrew font versions are set in place.